Sunday, February 21, 2010

Marine Wedding and Grooms Cake

So I made these cakes back in December 2008. After cleaning up the site a little, I found I had never put these cakes on.

The colors didn't show up right on my camera for some reason. But the girls colors were bright green, pink and orange. Its a carrot cake with cream cheese filling covered in fondant. It has piped flowers on and a bead border.

This is the grooms cake. I loved how it turned out. They just told me to do a Marine Cake. I molded the emblem out of gum paste. This cake is also a carrot cake with cream cheese filling. All decorations are done in butter cream frosting except the eagle, world and anchor.

Black and Red Rose Winter Wedding Cake with Fountain

I just saw that I didn't post this cake yet. Last December I made a wedding cake for my cute cousin down in St. George. It was tricky traveling with everything but it turned out well. This cake was decorating in the shortest amount of time. I think from start to finish (of just decorating) we were just over three hours!
If this cake looks familiar, its becuase she wanted the cake just like her sisters, that I did a year and a half ago!

Scooby Doo Birthday Party

A few weeks ago I tried my hand at kids Birthday cakes again. My friend had me do two Scooby Doo cakes and matching cupcakes. It was a pretty crazy weeks and this is what turned out:
This was the first cake. I was in a time crunch to get this one done, as you can see. But I had fun. Its a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting. Everything was done with the Wilton star tip.

These are the cupcakes that were served with the cake below. Once again, Vanilla cake with butter cream frosting and Wilton Sparkle Gel for the swirls. The sparkle gel was the kids favorite part. The swirls were done with the 1M tip.

Then this was the final cake. I drew Scooby's head on with a toothpick and then filled it in with starts. The swirls are done in the sparkle gel and the border is also the star tip.