Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pink Petal Cake

I spent my summer visiting family out of state and got to celebrate birthday's with families that we usually miss out on. My baby sister turned 27 and I had to make her a pink cake.
I made a white cake from a box with a raspberry cream filling that I made up on the spot. The frosting is a butter cream recipe I found on pinterest here.

At the last minute I decided to put fresh garden raspberries on top and dusted them with powder sugar.

Neopalatin Cheesecake Cake

I made this cake for my dads Birthday. I followed the recipe from here
It was super rich and very delicious!

Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

My Son wanted a Super Mario Brothers cake this summer. I was mixing up the frosting colors after midnight, and that was obviously a mistake. Somehow I got a funky teal color instead of sky blue, but oh well! It was super humid this summer as well, so the frosting was sweating a lot as well. It was still fun. Everything was done with Wilton's Buttercream frosting.