Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Harry Potter Hedwig Birthday Cake

My oldest son wanted a Harry Potter cake. We decided to do Hedwig, Harry's pet owl. After a lot of internet searches we came up with this:

I used three different cake pans. The base of the cake is an 8 inch round cake. Then the body was baked in my Pampered Chef batter bowl - which is comparable to the Wilton Wonder Mold pan (the one to make barbie cakes). Then the head was baked in an oval pan I got from the 2 Wilton class, in my class kit. I just used a knife to make it kind of bean shaped. I stacked the cakes together, with frosting in the middle and put a dowel down the center. Then I crumb coated it with butter cream. I then used almonds for the face and belly. Cashews for the beak and claws. Peach o's where the eyes with recees pieces in the middle. The ears were white chocolate fudge oreos, cut in half. For the rest of the feathers, I used the Wilton leaf tip (which I do not use to actually make leafs) and piped long feathers layered around the body. End result: a very happy 6 year old!

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