Monday, October 27, 2008

5 Tiered Wedding Cake, Brown & Toupe

Right View
Left View
I did this cake last weekend for my cousin. The bottom three layers were done with rice crispy treats, covered in butter cream frosting and then in marshmallow fondant. The top two layers were chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling and then covered the same as the other layers. I designed the scroll pattern and piped it on with butter cream frosting. I also designed and arranged the flowers myself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Orange Hairy Spider Cake with Licorice Legs

I cannot get blogger to turn this picture around, but here it is Here is another angle from the right view point
This is a fun little cake I made for October/Halloween. Its a lemon cake with raspberry filling covered in butter cream frosting. I used black licorice for the legs. Very easy and fun.

Chocolate Covered Srawberry Basket Cake

This cake had a rough time, but I did learn a lot from it. Hopefully these mistakes will never happen again. This cake was for an all chocolate birthday party. So obviously its chocolate cake, chocolate filling and chocolate buttercream frosting with chocolate dipped strawberries.

Two Tiered Carousel Birthday Cake

Top side view
Top viewEntire cake
This was for a "Young at Heart" birthday party. It was a yellow cake with strawberry filling. The frosting is all butter cream. The carousel posts are from Wilton.

Black, Light Blue and White Rose Wedding Cake with Fountain, 3 tiered

This wedding cake was made with Red Velvet Cake and butter cream filling which was also used as a base for the fondant. Its then covered in Wilton pre made fondant. Each layer is wrapped is satin ribbon. I pipped a bead border around each layer and then put luster dust on each bead. I then piped the scroll design on each layer. My mom arranged the fresh flowers for this cake.

Three tierd Black and Burgundy Silk Flower Wedding Cake

This is the first wedding cake I made. The bottom layer is made using rice crispy treats and then covered in fondant. The middle layer is raspberry chocolate, with raspberry filling. The top layer is a banana cake with cream cheese filling. They are all covered with butter cream and then home made marshmallow fondant. Black satin ribbon wraps around each layer. I then piped a scroll design using butter cream. I then added the silver edible balls. The flowers are silk and arranged by me and my mom.

Blue Green and Yellow Caterpillar First Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my sons first birthday. I used the wilton sports ball pan to create each section. Each section was a different flavor; chocolate, strawberry, and lemon. I then used the star tip to cover each section. I used gum drops for the feet, mm's for the dots and nose and pipe cleaners for the antanae. Black wilton decorating gel was used for the face.

Mexica LDS Mission Farewell Cake with Badge and Chili Peper

This is a farewell cake from someone going to Mexico. I found a similar picture on line and re-created the cake. I don't remember the flavor or filling for this cake. It is done all in butter cream. But the chili pepper is plastic. The hat a created from a small dome cake the I cut and shaped myself.

LDS Suit Mission Farewell Cake with Marbled Tie and Chocolate Fondant

This cake was created for a mission farewell cake. I came up with the idea when I saw a circular cake made to look like a tuxedo. I made a chocolate cake with chocolate cream filling. Its then covered in a base coat of butter cream. Its then covered in home made chocolate fondant with white for the shirt. I marbled some white fondant for the tie. And I created the tag on my computer.

Black and While Flower and Bow Bridal Shower Cake, 2 Teir

This was my final for the Wilton course III. I also made it for a Bridal shower. The bottom cake with vanilla, with the top being chocolate. Both had fillings, but I don't remember what they were. The cakes have a butter cream base coat and then are covered in Wilton bought fondant. I then piped the flower design all over the fondant with a bead border. All the piping is done in butter cream. The bow is made from fondant and was covered in pearl luster dust (which can't be seen from the picture, but looked very pretty in person).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Easter Basket Egg Cake

I created this cake for Easter. It was all my own idea. I think it was a chocolate cake with raspberry filling. Its covered all in butter cream. It has the basket weave for the basket with rope borders. The eggs were a piped design. Then I used a grass tip for the bottom and inside the basket. The flowers are made from royal frosting.

Present Cake with Pink Fondant Bow and Flowers (Corse III, cake 1)

This is the first cake I made using fondant. Its a golden vanilla cake with raspberry filling. Its covered in butter cream and then covered in store bought Wilton fondant. It also has a butter cream bead border along the bottom.

Flower Basket Cake (Course II Cake)

Here is the second cake I completed for the Wilton course II class. I don't remember the cake flavor of filling. The basket weave and foundation frosting is butter cream. The flowers are made from royal frosting, Wilton recipe, and the bird is done out of color flow
Top view of flowers.

My first cake, Heart Cake with Purple Roses

This is the first cake I ever decorated. It was my final project from the Wilton Course I. This is a chocolate heart-shaped cake with raspberry filling. Covered in white Wilton recipe butter cream frosting. It has a small and large shell border with roses and leaves as well as small polka-dots on the sides.