Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Black and While Flower and Bow Bridal Shower Cake, 2 Teir

This was my final for the Wilton course III. I also made it for a Bridal shower. The bottom cake with vanilla, with the top being chocolate. Both had fillings, but I don't remember what they were. The cakes have a butter cream base coat and then are covered in Wilton bought fondant. I then piped the flower design all over the fondant with a bead border. All the piping is done in butter cream. The bow is made from fondant and was covered in pearl luster dust (which can't be seen from the picture, but looked very pretty in person).


Kori said...

I am beyond impressed! I'd love to learn how you do such darling cakes!

Jessie said...

Hi Jessica, this is Jessie Smith (back from the Snow days). I just wanted to say that I ADORE this cake. I really loved my wedding cake, but if it were possible to go back in time I would have had chosen THIS cake. SO so so cute!

Jessie said...

Oops, I had a gramerical error in my post there. Probably not necessary, but I had to make up for it by stating that I really do know how to speak:) Why can't you edit these puppies.